Press Releases & Announcements

Cooperation between EDA THESS and FIRE BRIGADE

Τhe General Manager of EDA THESS, Mr. Leonidas Bakouras and the Manager of the Corporate Affairs and Internal Audit, Mrs. Aikaterini Stachtari held a meeting with the Operations Coordinator of Regional Fire Brigade Headquarters of Central Macedonia, Major General, Mr. Marios Apostolidis.

Interview of the General Manager, Mr. Leonidas Bakouras on

64% of the population in Thessaloniki and Thessaly has contributed to the energy transition

The presence of EDA THESS at the 85th TIF

Sustainability of distribution networks to achieve the Energy Transition

One more honorary award for EDA THESS

EDA THESS was honored with the Award for “Sustainable Development of Natural Gas Distribution Networks” during the Green Awards Ceremony held in the framework of the Thessaloniki Metropolitan Summit hosted by The Economist.

EDA THESS: Creating Sustainable Value while distributing high dividends to the shareholders

The Annual Ordinary General Assembly of EDA THESS shareholders was concluded, approving the total management of the Company, the financial statements as well as the distribution of 19.5 mln € profits to the shareholders for Fiscal Year 2020. During the meeting, the General Assembly resolved on the election of the new Members of the Board of Directors.

Thessaloniki: the Capital of Natural Gas - The transformation of Northern and Central Greece into an energy hub

The growth prospects driven by the implementation of the major investment program of EDA THESS was the central issue at the meeting held at the Ministry premises between the Deputy Minister of the Interior, Macedonia – Thrace, Mr. Stavros Kalafatis and the General Manager of EDA THESS, Mr. Leonidas Bakouras.

Meeting of EDA THESS with the President of the Union of Greek Municipalities

A meeting was held between the President of the Union of Greek Municipalities, Mr. Dimitris Papastergiou and the General Manager of EDA THESS, Mr. Leonidas Bakouras, during which issues related to the energy upgrade of buildings and the improvement of the environment with the further penetration of natural gas were discussed.

Honorary Award to EDA THESS by the Hellenic Air Force (HAF) Headquarters

An honorary award was conferred by the HAF Squadron Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Mr. Georgios Tzikas to the General Manager of EDA THESS Mr. Leonidas Bakouras, in recognition of the substantial and effective work of the Company with regard to the completion of the connection of the Air Force (HAF) Headquarters to the natural gas distribution network.

Robust results of EDA THESS for the first half of 2021

The Board of Directors of EDA THESS approved the results of the first half of 2021.

Access to natural gas even in the most remote areas - CNG technology and the "model" of EDA THESS

The General Manager of the company, Leonidas Bakouras, talks to energypress about the ways through which EDA THESS managed to achieve a penetration rate of 64% in its Licensed Areas.