Distribution Services Manual


The  Service Provision Manual, the Connection and Supply Application and the applicable pricelist are all  integral part of the Natural Gas Connection Contract that is concluded and regulates the relations between EDA THESSALONIKI - THESSALIA and the Consumers who agree to connect to the natural gas network in the geographical areas of Thessaloniki and Thessalia, - i.e. the regions in which the Distribution License is valid - and for the uses described in the License.

The Service Provision Manual includes key terms on:

  • The obligations of EDA THESSALONIKI - THESSALIA SA to the customer concerning the natural gas connection

  • Access to installations and inspections by EDA THESSALONIKI - THESSALIA S.A.

  • Recording of meter readings

  • Cases in which EDA THESSALONIKI - THESSALIA may cut off the supply or disconnect the customer

  • Personal data protection

  • Complaint filing

  • Contract amendment