Pre-Select Suppliers, Service Providers & Contractors


The Gas Distribution Company of Thessaloniki - Thessaly SA has established and manages Pre-Selection and Classification Systems for Suppliers, Contractors and Service Providers, in accordance with Article 53 of Directive 2004/17 / EC. The initial announcements for (natural gas network) and (gas network projects) for the existence of a pre-selection system were published on 31/10/2007 in the EU, and on 7/11/2007 in the Greek press and in the ECR, the initial announcement on the existence of a pre-selection system for service providers was posted on 04/07/2012 to the EU and on 6/7/2012 to the Greek press and the ECR. The duration of the system is at least three years and is renewed annually.


Through the pre-selection systems, EDA THESS - GAS DISTRIBUTION COMPANY THESSALONIKI - THESSALIA SA seeks to establish and maintain a register of pre-selected economic operators for the supply of natural gas network materials, for the execution of gas network projects and for the provision of services. This system ensures that economic operators can apply at any time for pre-selection. The system is managed on the basis of objective criteria and pre-selection rules.


The Economic Operators Register includes Suppliers 'Tables, Contractors' Tables and Service Provider Tables. Vendor Boards (hereafter referred to as "PPs") refer to the following Groups of Goods:

1. Polyurethane PE SDR11 pipes yellow

2. Natural Gas Meters

3. Natural Gas Pressure Gauges

4. Mounted bases and Natural Gas Meter Connectors

5.Faiberglas paints

6.Packing Seals of Polyethylene

7.Different polyethylene valves

The Contractors' Tables (hereinafter referred to as "IPs") refer to the following project groups:

1. Construction of Air Discharge Columns (Riser)

2.Development of underground pipelines (Service line)

3.Construction of gas distribution network in polyethylene 4 bar

4.Construction of gas distribution network in steel 4 and 19 bar

5. Maintenance and monitoring of drainage networks and systems

The Service Provider Tables (hereinafter referred to as "WSC") refer to the following Service Groups:

1. The Natural Gas Meter Logging Service

2.The Gas Market Inspection and Certification Service and Materials

3. Cleaning Services for Building Facilities and Conservator

4. Corporate Vehicle Rental Services

5.The Security Service of Building Facilities

Participation in the system is open on equal terms to those concerned who meet the legal, economic and technical requirements set out in the notice and have the necessary professional competence and experience.

The full texts of the CALLS FOR EVENT INTEREST are available from the EDA THESSALONIKIS - THESSALIAS SA

Interested parties should send a written request to receive the CALL FOR EVALUATION OF INTEREST depending on their field of interest, listing the full details of their business. The application is sent either to the e-mail address or to the postal address of the Contracting Authority.

Contact Point: EDA THESSALONIKI - THESSALIAS SA  Considering: Purchasing Directorate  Vendor Selection and Classification Department Contact number: +30 2310 584000

For other supplies / services / projects interested parties should send a written request for expressions of interest to their registration on the VENDOR LIST by completing the corresponding form. The application is sent to the Contracting Authority's e-mail address.