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Network Map

See the Map with the areas covered by the natural gas network. Get detailed information about the works in progress and the network under construction. Learn about new network extensions that are being implemented.


With this new service you can now submit the relevant documents to electronically sign your Connection Contract that will be sent to you at the address you designate.

Progress of the Gas Point Construction Works

Keep track of the construction works in progress, from the date of signing the Connection Contract up to the activation of the gas point (this service is available for Connection Contracts signed from 01/03/2019 on).

Electronic Submission

Aiming at optimizing procedures, the Gas Distribution Company has developed and implemented a new application for natural gas professionals.

Registering Metering Readings

Now, you have the possibility to take your meter readings on your own in order to find out your consumption. So, you can register the meter readings by yourself and receive a bill based on your actual consumption.

Apply for new connection

Are you interested in connecting to the gas network? Please fill out the "Apply for New Connection" form

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Useful Documents & Forms

Select the document or form you are interested in. For more documents or forms, click on the Useful Documents & Forms tag.

Latest News

07-12-2021 Workshop on Operational Independence and Safe Use of Natural Gas

In the context of optimizing cooperation with all stakeholders in the gas supply chain, EDA THESS, organizes on Thursday, December 9, 2021 from 10:30 to 14:00 an online workshop with all Technical Associations, active in the distribution networks of Thessaloniki and Thessaly, with a view of continuously improving the safe use of natural gas.



The new e-Service of EDA THESS that ensures continuous and smooth communication between Distribution Users and EDA THESS, as well as the efficient provision of services

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