Emergency Intervention Call Center


The Company operates a 24-hour a call centre for Customers and the general public to report any malfunction in the supply of Natural Gas.

You may contact the call centre by just calling one telephone number. Provision has been made to ensure that there is a line available in 99% of the cases and that telephone calls are answered within 30 seconds. The exact time of the call is logged, and the conversation is recorded.

In the event of an emergency or gas leakage, a customer may call:


emergency number: 10302 (available on a 24-basis)


(toll in accordance with the telephone service provider’s pricelist)

A customer may also call:

800 11 87878 (toll-free from a landline phone)

2310 520309 and 2310 520642 (from a cell or landline phone).

The Company is on standby on a 24-hour basis to respond immediately and provide its services at the reported place of leakage.