Quality Assurance


HSW Management System

EDA THESSALONIKI-THESSALIA S.A., with a view to safeguarding the Health and Safety of employees and third parties, has put in place a Health & Safety at Work (HSW) Management System, according to the requirements of the OHSAS standard.

The Company is subject to scheduled annual surveillance of the HSW Management System

in order to verify the continuous application of the requirements set by the standard.


Policy on Quality, Health and Safety at Work

The Company's Management considers as the key components of its business identity the constant effort for improvement, cooperation with all stakeholders (suppliers, employees, public sector, society) and the diffusion of know-how on the distribution of natural gas, while recognizing the contribution of its activity to the growth and well-being of local communities, and to the protection of the environment.

Having regard to the foregoing, the Company applies a Management System in order to:

  • meet the contractual requirements of parties and take the necessary actions for increasing their satisfaction level;

  • ensure the constant improvement of distribution;

  • provide to the Company's staff the necessary training, the appropriate working environment and health and safety conditions for the successful performance of their tasks;

  • take into account the expectations of stakeholders, being aware of its responsibility to the society;

  • undertake to meet, as a minimum, all legal and regulatory requirements relating to its activities, as well as to health and safety at work;

  • undertake to meet the obligations arising from the legislative and regulatory framework on the protection of personal data and the protection of communication privacy;

  • ensure the safety of supply and of the gas distribution system;

  • constantly increase its effectiveness and efficiency of the gas distribution system management;

  • take all necessary measures for preventing accidents at work and occupational diseases;

  • modify this Policy, when deemed necessary, to ensure that it remains adequate and appropriate.

    Pursuant to the foregoing, the Company carries out all its activities according to the applicable provisions of the relevant legislation and, in addition, sets and reviews its purposes and goals on an annual basis in order to ensure constant improvement in the management and performance of quality, health and safety at work.